MINDSET: Your mindset and perception of money will ultimately be the determining factor of your success or failure when it comes to your financial future. You may not be aware but you may be making the worse financial investment known to man. And that is trading time for money.  Your ULTIMATE goal should be to transition yourself from working for money to money working for you. You want to make money your slave. The correct way to accomplish this is to tap into the power of compound interest. You have to let go of the fear of ”losing money” and get in the habit of removing your emotions and making calculated risks. Many Americans have an uneducated opinion when it comes to investing and think that the stock market is gambling or a ponzi scheme and decide to steer clear of this path hoping to avoid loosing any of their hard earned money. “Hard earned being the operative words. Now what Americans ought to be afraid of is what is going to happen when they want to retire but cant because they have not saved enough money to live and pay bills. Seeing that they cant get any more money at this stage in life the only option is to go back to work and they may never retire. Unfortunately this is the path for millions of Americans around the world all as of a result of not getting in the game and tapping into the power of compound interest.  Our goal here at Keller Capital is to assist you in this process and shift your perception and help you cultivate the proper mindset to get your money working for you so it goes from “hard earned money” to ” the easiest money” you ever earned.

REQUIREMENTS: Creating wealth, just like anything worth having will be a journey. It will require lots of sacrifices, boring days, and out right discipline. You must resist the urge to spend time and or money on small temporary things and learn to save it for a higher more meaningful purpose such as your financial future. Expenses as small as buying Starbucks coffee Monday through Friday or eating out twice a week is slowly robbing you of your goal without you even realizing it. Think about it, Starbucks coffee cost roughly $5. Five days per week that’s $25 per week, $100 per month and $1,200 per year…ON STARBUCKS! That not even including compound interest. Lets look at the second example. Eating out twice a week with lets say a $100 average ticket is $200 per week. Even if you cut that in half and went out to eat once per week and saved the other $100, that’s an extra $100 per week, $400 per month and $4,800 per year! That’s insane. If you really want to be financially independent you have to cut back on these futile indulgences. Buckling down and staying disciplined is what is required to reach your financial goals.

PROTECTION: Nobody like to think of the worse case scenario however it is a must do on your journey to becoming financially independent. Wise men and women and other successful investors have always know things will go wrong and knowing so they hedge against their investments. There are countless assets and investment vehicles that will protect you in the inevitable turns of the market, crisis and even loss of life. Take life insurance for example. One of the best ways to build wealth, keep it, and pass it on to the next generation is through life insurance. There are countless life insurance policies available to nearly everyone today that will allow you the best of all the worlds.  We  know its pretty devastating, where mom and dad have 3 kids and then dad is suddenly gone. Something happens, its devastating, and once dad is gone, so is his income. We have all heard a story like this. Now who is going to pay the house payment, food and light bill. That’s whats devastating. A sound financial plan has proper insurance to replace income when unforeseen events happen. An estate is also an important part. If not done before its too late, certain assets or items,business etc…will need to go through litigation. This is an important step to passing on your wealth to your children and grandchildren. This is how generational wealth is created.

SAVING MONEY: Now saving money is probably one of the most overrated, misunderstood and arguably the not so smart thing to do in this day in this day in age. Saving your money has been a phrase passed on for generations and has always been taken as received wisdom but the uncanny fact is saving money is NOT going to make your rich or wealthy. Nor will it give you the quality of life that you have in mind come retirement time.  Now it is true that you need to save a portion of what you earn but you need to invest that portion, not hide it under your pillow. The magical saying is ” A portion of what I earn is mine to keep” and has to be. Commit to a set percentage of your paycheck and set it aside for investing into your future. Ten percent is a basic rule of thumb but if you are closer to retirement it needs to be closer to %15- %20. You also want to automate this step as well so you technically never see the money come in the first place. You can also look at this as a tax. You are taxing yourself now to have a qualify life in the future. Speaking of taxes, most Americans get about $2,500-$3,000 back each year and they are ecstatic about getting a tax refund check. What is really going on here is Uncle Sam is borrowing your money for an entire 12 months and then returns it to you with ZERO INTEREST!  Yet if you borrow his money your taxed anywhere from 10%-20%. That just doesn’t make good sense. Don’t go on a shopping spree, use those funds to generate more income and help you get to financial independence sooner!

EMERGENCY FUND:  Setting up an emergency is a BIG deal. Its a well known fact that most people don’t have an emergency fund. So if an emergency comes up, out comes the plastic. That $1,800 new transmission( for the car) 3-4 years later becomes a $3,000-$4,000 transmission. See that’s what hurting many of Americans. A sound emergency fund has four important factors. 1. It has to be safe…2. Liquid…3. Get a rate of return better than a checking account…and 4 Separate and systematic. Here’s the point. Have you ever tried to build and emergency fund in a checking account? It never happens, it’s free game, it’ll get spent. Here’s the second point…if it’s out of sight its out of your mind generally speaking. So its important  to have your emergency fund in a separate account such as a money market account, where you can have it drafted, say $50 per month from your checking account right into your money market account on the same day every month. So its out of sight, out of mind, growing at a better rate of return, and when the inevitable happens, you’ve got the money. It not only keeps your credit card balances at zero, it also helps prevent you from dipping into your retirement savings as well, avoiding that 10% tax penalty. It’s simple, it’s powerful and it works. You simply just have to do it.
INVESTING: Deciding to invest is one of the biggest decisions you will make in your life and if you allow us to guide you through the perilous waters of investing it can and will change the quality of your life.  This is where we build a long term income or long term savings. Now there’s two elements at play here, two financial battles you have to win to win the money game because if you don’t incorporate these now, the chances of you being financially independent probably wont’t happen, and if it does, it’s way out there. For the sake of your financial future and quality of life, it is very important to make sure you are investing in a way that will taxes wont hurt you, it has to be safe and needs to yield a decent rate of return.  Learn how Keller Capital shows investors how  and where to invest to pay the least in taxes and receive higher returns. Please full read ” Long term income/saving” for more details.
TAXES & INFLATION: So here are the two battles you have to win: The first is the tax battle, because it not what you make or save, it’s what you get to keep and spend. Taxes will hurt you if you’re not careful. The second one is the inflation battle. Have you heard of the ” Rule of 72″? It is very interesting. Whatever interest rate you’re saving at, lets say %4, divide that  into the number 72, that will tell you how many years it will for your money to double. 4 divided by 72 equals 18…every 18 years your money will double.
$100 @ 4% for 18 years = $200
$200 @ 4% for 18 more years =$400
Here is an example. Lets say you have $100 in an account that earns 4%. If you leave it and it just grows at %4 in 18 years that will double to $200. What happens in another 18 years at %4? Right, it doubles again to $400. Here is the problem…36 years from now will $400 buy what $100 does now? ( Inflation has averaged %3 from the 1926 through 2011. Ibbotson SBBI) THAT’S INFLATION! Most people are saving in banks, CD’s credit unions, fixed accounts etc…where they are probably not even getting 4%! So you can see what’s happening here. Money is growing but inflation is growing much quicker. They’re losing purchasing power, and they may never retire…BIG BIG problem. The solution is to help them obtain a potentially better interest rate…say a person could get 10%-12%.
LONG TERM INCOME/SAVING:   Lets talk about the power of compound interest and how tapping into its power can DRASTICALLY change how long it takes you to retire, how much you get to keep and what type of quality of life you will be able to have by incorporating just a simple tips. Lets assume you are 29 years old and you have $10,000 at 4%. 4 into 72 is 18, so it that $10,000 grows in 18 years into $20,000, then in 36 years to $40,000. Lets say this is you, Your’re 65, the kids are gone, the house is paid for, and you want to retire, but you’ve got $40,000 to your name. How long is that going to last you? Yeah, and you know that is just getting you by, that is not living. You did not work for 30 years to have a year or two off, then what? Then you’re out of money and you’re a greeter at Wal-Mart.  Here’s the problem, we’ve run out of time, who wants to work past 65? Now if you did not have any more money, or any more time, the only thing we could have changes is the interest rate, and heres the million dollar question. If you could have had a 10%-12% instead of 4%, would you now have greater financial independence? The answer is absolutely: this will shock you!


Look at this. 12 goes into 72, 6 times so every six years your money is going to double, so in 36 years it goes from 10, to 20, to 40. to 80, to 160, 320 then $640,000. At age 65 you’ve got SIX HUNDRED AND FORTY THOUSAND DOLLARS, isn’t that amazing?  The only difference between this guy and that guy is the interest rate, not more money, or more time. Same age, same amount of money…the only difference is the interest rate. But it cost this guy SIX HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS! Don’t you think that is a very important principle for you to learn and incorporate into your plan? You see, this could change your quality of life and the important part to remember is that its not about having $10,000 the key is saving a little bit on a monthly basis at a decent interest rate. The commitment that we here at Keller Capital will make to you is that if you save/invest FOR YOU, there will come a time were you will not be out-earning your money, but your money is out-earning you.
1 ON 1 CONSULTING: Keller Capital offers 1 on 1 consultations to assist in the implementation of your personalized financial plan. As a team, we will go over each facet from income to expenses, risk tolerance to retirement date, goals and life quality and many more. We will touches topics such as, increasing cash flow, eliminating debt, developing an emergency fund, life insurance protection, building long term financial independence, tax planning and estate planning. This is also called a financial needs analysis. This will help us determine your goals and dreams are and go about execution in the most efficient way possible.  This is the foundation of your financial plan so making sure everything is concrete and tangible is important to your success. Please visit our Contact Us page for more information on how to reach out to Keller Capital.

FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE: The overall goal here at Keller Capital is to free up extra money you didn’t know you have, make sure its being saved and invested the proper way, ensure you are paying the least amount of taxes and most of all, deliver above average returns by tapping into the real power of compound interest. This approach will allow you to know how and when you will potentially be totally financially independent and  shave off years of your retirement date or allow you to live twice as nice during retirement.  Its really neat! If you were financially independent  right now…any you have enough in your nest egg so that every month you had enough  that you didn’t have to go to work anymore. What would you and your family be doing? What are your dreams? What are your goals? What would you be doing right now? Now think about it, if you were financially independent, you have options, and that the point! You can do what you want, when you want. You can probably go door to door asking all your neighbors when they were going to be financially independent…and nobody would know. But you will! You will know what your dreams are and when its going to happen! That’s true financial independence.